Odessa region, Zatoka, Komstroy-1, 1100

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Location and directions to the hotel

On the car:
40 km from Odessa: way M27 (road to Chernomorsk), then Т1641 (the road to Zatoka), after Gribovka before the railway (not crossing it), you need to go straight on the lower road along the sea (the rail will always be right) 3.4 km and turn left.

Railway (station Karolino-buhaz):
The number of a train - Route - arrival Time (Bugaz)
145 Kiev-Ishmael 04:29
686 Odessa-Ishmael 18:19
6302/6301 Odessa - B. Dnestrovsky 08:26
6304/6303 Odessa - B. Dnestrovsky 10:21
6306/6305 Odessa - B. Dnestrovsky 13:52
6308/6307 Odessa - B. Dnestrovsky 15:48
6310/6309 Odessa - B. Dnestrovsky 19:27

By bus:
From Odessa (railway or bus station) – any bus to direction of Ovidiopol Stop: Karolino-Buhaz. Goes along the small market. Before the pedestrian crossing turn right into the alley. If you see a sea – you are moving to the right direction :) At the end of the lane turn left and go down the stairs. You comes to railway station Karolino-buhaz. Crossing railway and follow by the signs Family hotel Happy Inn

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